5 things Disney fans wish you knew

To me, Disney is a bit like Marmite. I tend to meet people who like it a lot and excitedly ask me who my favourite princess is, or people who aren’t really Disney-ish at all and grimace a little when I mention Beauty and the Beast. But there are also those people who eat Marmite on everything. What I mean is, they’re Disney addicts like me – made up of pixie dust and ‘Hiya pal!‘s and Toy Story quotes. Not one of these people? Here’s what we wish you knew…

Mickey/Minnie ears are a wardrobe staple

When I put my Minnie ears on and look in the mirror, I usually think something along the lines of “Ahh, I remember. THIS is what my head is supposed to look like.” Mouse ears aren’t an optional extra for our Disney holidays – they’re vital accessories that we only really remove in order to function in a non-magical society. Some of us have lots of pairs. Some of us have custom-made pairs. It’s a big thing.

The It’s a Small World song isn’t annoying

You insult IASW, you insult me. Do you know the history of this ride? DO YOU? It’s the sweetest and most innocent Disney attraction of them all and it deserves our respect. Disney fans listen to the It’s a Small World song on a loop most days and get a bit emotional when we see Google doodles that remind us of the ride decor and/or Mary Blair. All together now

We will probably cry throughout the entirety of every Disney film you can imagine

“Aw, the bit in Cinderella where her stepsisters ruin her dress is so sad. Did you cry at that part?” a friend will say. “Oh…yes,” I’ll reply, thinking: “I CRIED AT THE WHOLE FILM!”

When you’re a Disney obsessor, you don’t just get emotional at the supposed-to-be-emotional bits – you’re a wreck from the second you see the castle on the screen at the very start. Here is a Disney fan’s train of thought during the first few seconds of the movie: “LOOK! THE CASTLE! WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR! WALT! OH MY GOD, WHY AM I NOT IN DISNEYLAND RIGHT NOW? EEK, MICKEY. LOOK AT HIM WHISTLING. HE’S SO CUTE. WALT! IMAGINE IF WALT HAD NEVER BEEN BORN. WHAT WOULD I DO? …WHO WOULD I BE? I HOPE THE SHORT’S GOOD. SNIFF. WHERE ARE MY TISSUES? WHERE ARE MY TISSUES?!” I’m not even exaggerating. Don’t come to the cinema with us if you can’t hack it. We will need emotional support before, during and after the film.

Going to the parks a lot isn’t weird

Whether you’re an annual pass holder who’s there a few times a month or someone who visits for a week once a year, there are always people who are shocked. “You’re going again?” they’ll say, and you’ll make a joke out if it (hahaHA) but there’s still something that stings. If you’re one of these people, stop it plz. We don’t dictate where you go on holiday, and we’d appreciate it if you did the same for us. “But you only live once – don’t you want to see the world?” Actually, I’d like to be able to do something that makes me obscenely happy and not be judged for it. But whatever.

Mickey’s name wasn’t Steamboat Willie

Look pal, I know my stuff. There’s no point trying to tell me that Mickey used to be called Steamboat Willie – that was the name of the short and absolutely NOTHING else. If we’re getting really picky, us Disney fans would also like to point out that the Beast’s name wasn’t actually Adam. Just saying…

Disney fan? What do you wish you could tell people? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “5 things Disney fans wish you knew

    • notaquamarine says:

      Thank you! Ahh I love hearing about other people’s experiences with it – I find that people who don’t love Disney just DO NOT get it. I don’t mind that as long as they don’t try and bully us into going elsewhere on holiday when it’s got nothing to do with them! 😉 x

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