Dobby, drama and domestic chores

You know what I realised the other day? I was standing in the kitchen eating some spinach for the first time in about six months and feeling smug (honestly, one healthy activity and I feel like I should receive some sort of award) and I REALISED: I haven’t blogged in ages.

I mean, I’ve been writing. I’ve written some poems – Disney-themed poems – and I’ve put them into a little book, which you will no doubt have heard all about if you follow me on any kind of social media platform. Perhaps you will have thought SHUT UP ABOUT THESE DAMN POEMS ALREADY or something along those lines. Not really. I’m being jokey-self-deprecatey because that’s my go-to and I’m worried about overkill, but in reality everyone has been incredibly kind and lovely and I am very touched.

Getting a happy medium is a weird one, though, when it comes to self-promotion. Like, it’s necessary if you want anyone to be interested in your DIY poetry book, yet something about participating in it makes me feel like a massive narcissist or an annoying guest character in HBO’s Girls. HALLO EVERYONE, LOOK AT MY WORK!

But anyway, what I mean is, I haven’t BLOGGED. I haven’t sat down and written about something I love or something that’s bugged me or my thoughts on whatever, you know? And I kind of miss that. So I thought I’d write about what I have been doing instead.

I’ve been reading a lot of Harry Potter

There is something about the Harry Potter books that I find incredibly calming. They remind me of Christmas and being small and eating pesto pasta with my mum as a 9 year-old, and over the last few months I have been spending a lot of my spare time re-reading them. I had forgotten about SPEW! HOW? I want to be Hermione and I love Dobby and really I would quite like to go and live at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour so I can exist purely on Butterbeer and happiness.

TOP TIP: On very anxious days, I read Harry P. out loud, and I’d totally recommend it. It sounds odd, but it’s really hard for your brain to spiral off into worry when your entire focus is on taking in the words on the page and then regurgitating them. I even do voices for the different characters, as if I am reading to an invisible child with a penchant for wizard books. Please give it a go – even if it doesn’t work for you, it’s still pretty fun doing Hagrid impressions. YEH’VE GOT TER TRY IT.

I’ve been VERY into Love Island

If you haven’t been watching Love Island then quite frankly you’ve missed out, and I know you’re sick of hearing that and I KNOW you can’t wait for it to be over so we can all start discussing something else at the photocopier again, but there it is. I LOVE Love Island. Love love love Love Island. It is reality TV perfection, and I don’t even know why.

The only downside of the show is that all the ~DRAMA~ gets a bit much for me, b/c I am one of those weirdly empathetic people who cries when other people cry, and analyses everyone’s behaviour, and if CHRIS AND OLIVIA BREAK UP ONE MORE TIME I AM GOING TO EXPLODE. There is something very odd about watching other people at their saddest in the name of entertainment, and knowing that you can do nothing to help. Do you think that the producers provide them with like, on-tap counselling, in the same way they give them haircuts and false eyelash extensions? I sure hope so.

I’ve been doing some gardening

YES, NO FOR REAL. We live in an actual house now as opposed to a flat, and it has a front AND back garden which means weeding has slowly become part of my existence. A few weeks ago we spent the day trimming hedges and I was on Putting The Trimmings Into The Brown Bin duty, which was as wonderful as it sounds. I got a bit of rose thorn stuck in my finger and I still don’t think it’s come out. I own a pair of gardening gloves. Also I bought two bird feeders and now regularly shout “LOOK, LOOK! THE ROBIN IS ENJOYING THE FAT BALLS!”

“Am I getting old?” asked Sophie, adjusting her cardigan. “Yes,” she realised, “Yes, I am.”

One thought on “Dobby, drama and domestic chores

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