Aye, But We’re Loved by Our Mommies and Dads

I know that you’d never believe it, but piracy isn’t all rum,
skulls, crossbones, treasure and loot – not when your dad and your mum
disapprove – and mine do! It’s not what they had planned.
When I told them the news they took me by the hand
and said “Bill Barnes, a pirate? Won’t you reconsider?
You’re better than this. Won’t you think of your liver?
Drinking, marauding: We know what’s in store!”
But I said to ‘em: “Look, this is what I adore.
When it comes to bad eggs I’m the baddest of all,
and I’m learning the lingo, perfecting the drawl.
Aye, I’ve chosen my path – it leads right out to sea.
So I’ll need your support, ‘cause it’s this life for me.”