Back in 2016, the lovely team at Latimer Group said it was on the lookout for “the UK’s top 50 creative young minds” to create content for BBC Three. I mean, I wouldn’t say I have one of the top 50 ANYTHING minds in our sovereign state but I am a content fiend with what I’d call “creative tendencies”, so I thought I’d give it a go.

I sent over some of my work, and was very happy when Latimer called to invite me to be part of BBC Three’s two-month ‘Join the Playground’ project. The team members, all aged between 16 and 25, had a weekly and monthly brief – to be completed individually, in whatever format we wanted – as well as a ‘passion project’, which was essentially a pitch for a potential BBC Three television show.

The project was so much fun to be part of – I learned a LOT, got to find out more about how other people express themselves creatively, and was able to ask for weekly feedback on my writing from the teams at Latimer and BBC Three.