GLAMOUR mag application

Hi, GLAMOUR mag team! I’m Sophie – I’m 28 and I currently live in Coventry, but I would move to London LIKE A FREAKING SHOT if I got the chance to work for you guys. Okay. Fangirling over: time to play it cool, adopt a slightly more formal approach, and tell you why I think I’d be a good fit for the Junior Social Editor role.

I’ve worked in social-focused roles for the last five years – I started off in a marketing role at my local theatre and moved onto a content-orientated position at the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) where I managed a Twitter account with over 20,000 followers. As the professional body for social housing, it was vital to make sure that all of our posts were timely and useful, and that they acted as the ‘voice’ of the social housing sector.

Outside of work, I love a good side hustle – I approached Couture Kingdom UK (formerly Disney Couture UK) in summer 2015 and worked as their Digital Content Manager for 15 hours per month until November 2017. This involved scheduling relevant content for our Disney-obsessed followers, live-sharing fun, relatable posts and being on-hand to answer any customer questions. During this time, I also provided freelance social content for Clintons to support their e-commerce team – I created a social media plan from scratch to launch the company’s exclusive Beauty and the Beast collection online. This involved liaising with the Disney offices in Hammersmith and was a LOT of fun.

I won’t lie to you: I’m pretty sure I fell in love with social media when I created a MySpace profile in 2005. All of a sudden, my family computer wasn’t just something I could use for creating works of art on Paint – it had given me an online space where I could meet new people who lived all over the world and didn’t think I was weird for writing lyrics on my hand or wearing eyeshadow that made me look like I had conjunctivitis. My life was CHANGED.

We’re now 12 years on (ugh), but that feeling MySpace gave me has never really gone away. Social media has moved from being an outlet to a hobby to a job to a self-promotion tool (sometimes all at the same time) and I find it as fascinating as I ever did. From my varied social management roles – and my own personal experience – I’m well versed in Snapchat Stories, Twitter memes, bloggers and influencers, Instagram algorithms (god damn them!) and captions that make you actually want to read the content.

I’m confident that my five years of experience in content creation, marketing, social, press and comms would stand me in really good stead for this role – everything I know is either super-relevant or -transferable. And as a freelance writer (here’s my work for Cosmo:, I know that my knowledge of and genuine interest in journalism would come in really useful. I’m a big fan of networking and stretching myself in my work – I’m booked to attend ELLE’S ‘How to become a writer’ course next month and Farrah Storr’s ‘Writing for women’ session at the Guardian in July.

In my current role at the University of Warwick, I lead on several comms projects and work in an incredibly fast-paced environment. As a result, I have to think quickly, make decisions and take responsibility. I create written pieces for a range of audiences – academics, students, non-computer-based staff – and proof and edit the work of my colleagues to make sure it’s appropriate and accurate. I also support with branding, to keep everything in-line and professional. My job’s about consistency, clarity, organisation, and attention to detail.

I have experience in video editing (Adobe Premiere Pro and Camtasia), content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, Teamsite and SiteBuilder) and design (Canva), and I don’t have an issue with getting stuck in and helping out with other projects. I’m a team player – a motivated, kind and confident person who thrives while working with others and gets the job done.

To me, GLAMOUR is pretty iconic. I love its bold, unapologetic logo; I love the famous ‘Hey, it’s OK’ (and the fact that it REALLY IS OK); I love GLAMOUR alum Lisa Harvey’s brave ‘Letters of a break-up’ piece (I still dig it out about once a month because those words comforted me, and they comforted my friends when they needed to read them, too). I’d really like to come along and chat to you guys about the role in person – I’m looking forward to hearing from you, but if there’s anything you need from me in the meantime please just shout.

Thanks so much,