Haunted Mansion Graveyard

Kind, sweet Cassandra
Our plans were derailed
We’d be married right now if you’d not been impaled

RIP to cousin Peter
We all said you shouldn’t eat her
Cats don’t make for nice dessert
We weren’t surprised your stomach hurt

Sat on Master Peter’s thigh
Was made into a feline pie

We miss you daily, brother Sam
Curse that long-expired ham

Goodbye, beloved Mr. Royle
It’s time to leave this mortal coil

Laid to rest is Mr. Fife
We think it might’ve been his wife

Farewell to Gabe the undertaker
S’now time for him to meet his maker

Our best to Mr. Witherbone
Now buried under this tombstone

Our thoughts are with you, Mr. Penza
Struck down in prime with influenza

Said he’d try to climb Big Thunder
Now he’s buried six feet under

Sorely missed is Mr. Tracer
The daredevil of Thunder Mesa