I first got involved with Women’s Aid through Chlo, founder of Project Speak Out and all-round feminist babe. She asked if I’d be up for writing a book review for the charity’s magazine, SAFE: the Domestic Abuse Quarterly, which I totally was. I was in an abusive relationship myself as a teen – I’ve written and talked about this in the past, because I don’t think there’s anywhere NEAR as much discussion as there should be around coercive control – and I was honoured to contribute to Women’s Aid’s #LoveDontFeelBad campaign, which is aimed at young women.

Since then, I’ve been working with the communications team at Women’s Aid as they head towards a brand new tech project, designed to help teen girls who might be in need of some support as a result of an abusive relationship. I’ve been able to share my own experiences and talk honestly about what would have helped me when I was in that situation, and I’ll be continuing to work with the team as they push forward with content and blogs for the project.