Today I have no energy to do anything, largely because I keep sniffing and sneezing and my back aches and I’m just really Not Very Well. I’ve done that thing where you keep using the same tissue for hours on end in an ‘am I lazy or just the least wasteful person ever’ kind of a way, and every time you wipe your nose you realise what you’re using is less ’tissue’ and more ‘tiny wet rag with loads of rips and holes in it’. And then you feel even more sorry for yourself.

I’m fine really, though. In my head I’m good, and that’s more important than a cold that’ll be gone in three days. It’s really sunny today, which means I am sitting in my usual spot with sun streaming through the window and I keep having to squint, in a nice way. I am shocked by how dirty my laptop screen is, which never happens when it’s raining, but I’d rather have sun and a grubby screen.

Cheese is on my mind right now. Like, actual cheese, because I have this undiagnosed dermatitis (is that how you spell it?) slash eczema sort of thing that only affects my hands and I had a small epiphany yesterday that MAYBE IT IS CHEESE THAT CAUSES IT. Cos I eat a lot of cheese, and when I say a lot I mean cheddar on everything. I am a Mini Cheddar’s big sister, Maxi Cheddar. I’m not an adventurous cheese eater who’s all BRING OUT THE STILTON or even MAKE MINE A BRIE, but bog-standard cheddar I am all over.

My hands were really bad yesterday (wake-up-in-the-night-because-they’re-bleeding-from-all-the-sleep-scratching bad) and I had a sudden realisation that it is possibly maybe because this week I have eaten cheese-stuffed jacket potatoes every lunchtime and things like pizza or pasta with Grated Goodness on top for tea. I think I ate broccoli once this week. I had a bit of spinach on Monday. I don’t know.

So this coming week is a cheese-free week, just to see. I miss Babybels already if I’m being completely honest, but I have to think of my hands and not my stomach. *blows mournful kiss to Papa John*

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